Photo of Diego Diaz the photographer posing

This is                     Diego

This is my journey.

I started when a friend of mine let me try their camera, I fell in love and exploded with creativity. I would take photos of everything and try to keep on getting better. I would love to take photos of friends and things in my house. I always knew I had creativity within me and I would soon take the next step in my career.


The first camera I bought was the Canon Rebel t6. I would soon start to shoot photos of myself and for non-profit organizations. I take my camera everywhere I go to take any opportunity to shoot while having fun with the craft.
parents holding baby with love and compassion
Guitarist clapping to the beat of the song
Talent smiling towards camera, behind is a colorful background
parent and child twirling in the sunset
Not too long after getting started, I got my first few paid-projects. First it was shooting graduation photos, then prom photos. After I graduated I would begin to take on more projects, working with a variety of people and businesses. While I enjoyed capturing photos and video, what I really fell in love with was storytelling.
I love to watch movies and break them down; The lighting, the color, and the perspective are each a small part of the bigger story. In my approach to visual media, I take these fundamentals and incorporate them within my projects.
In the process, I work hand in hand with my clients to breakdown down their needs and goals. This prepares both the client and I for the the day of production. With an exact understanding of my clients needs, I can ensure that what I capture serves their vision. Afterwards I work on post production to serve the vision that they had in mind.

Let’s work together!

If you’re interested in chatting about a potential photo shoot please reach out! I aim to respond within one business day. Let’s create the best there ever was!

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